07/03/1985 ‘The Wilde Club’, Man Alive, Manchester

Run by the members of Big Flame, the Wilde Club (at the Man Alive, Grosvenor Street, Manchester) ran for several months on Thursday nights. Most weeks there were bands playing, including the June Brides (14th March 1985), Chakk (28th Feb 1985), and The Petrol Emotion (date unknown). Most weeks I played records before and after the group played, although the 7th March was the first Wilde Club that that boys from Big Flame suggested we should dispense with bands and just have me playing records. It was billed rather unattractively as an ‘Intellectual Humanist Disco with DJ Miserable Dave’. I think I played Joyce Sims and James Brown, and some records Greg and Dil from Big Flame lent me every week (mostly GoGo records from Washington, ‘Drop the Bomb’ and stuff like that). The Man Alive served spicey afro-Caribbean food and had a pool table in one room. The dancefloor was small, but that was OK with me.