07/05/2005 Nuits Sonores, Lyon

The third year of the Nuit Sonores festival in Lyon. The gig was in an open-air swimming pool complex on the banks of the River Rhone. Spectacular setting, especially during the evening, with a backdrop of the city, the cathedral, the basilica, the old town all lit up. Four hundred or so there, some of them were into it although I think some others were bemused by some of my record selections (‘California Soul’, ‘The Passenger’, the White Stripes, ‘Man With a Red Face’, Mylo; quality but maybe it was a bit too eclectic). Mike Pickering had played the same venue the night before; one of the Nuit Sonores people (Cyrille) took me and Mike to a massive all-nighter in an old warehouse after the swimming pool gig. Got there in time to see Bugge Wesseltoft. I was very impressed by the great programme of events for this year’s Festival; with a bit more planning while I was there I could have seen the Fall, Laurent Garnier, DJ Vadim, Mathew Herbert, and Tiefschwarz!!