11/02/2005 ‘Yellow’ Reunion, the Music Box, Manchester

For six years I’ve resisted the temptation to do another ‘Yellow’ night because Elliot and Jason and I have all moved on and there’s too much to do in the here and now without going backwards, but there’s a night on every month at the Music Box called ‘Stylus’ and the Stylus boys have had some great DJs on in the past and they were keen to do a ‘Yellow reunion’, for them ‘Yellow’ as a special night too, one of the places they’d grown up in. I was won over to the idea I suppose, by their enthusiasm and by the chance to see the ‘Yellow’ regulars again. It was a great night too, the club was packed, six hundred or so, and everyone wanted to be there, knew why they were there, and seemed to enjoy the music perhaps even more than the first time around. It was kinda emotional, of course; all those faces. It reminded me what a great community of people we were surrounded by at ‘Yellow’. And reminded me why I love DJing; such a buzz!!! Afterwards everyone was saying we should do it more often, but my guess is we’ll do a ‘Yellow’ reunion once a year.