15/03/2003 First ‘Chica Chica Boom’, Rossetti, Manchester

Originating a night playing what I like in a venue close to home where all my friends and other like-minded folk could all come together; that’s what the best times have been about. I think I lost my way a bit after ‘Yellow’, and my New Year resolution at the beginning of 2003 was to find somewhere in Manchester for a Saturday residency. I’d heard about a fab new funky hotel in town with a bar area and a dancefloor that had been open a few months but wasn’t getting used enough, and I went down to the Rossetti and loved the space, met up with Ciaran who was running the basement, and some of the hotel management, including Rupert from head office, and it all fitted into place so well…

The intimacy of it is good, and once we’d got some decks in there too, the sound was good. The decor is unique in Manchester. The hope was that we could do it without any overt publicity (flyers, listings etc) and guest list only – not because we wanted it to be ‘exclusive’ or whatever, but just because we wanted it to be free but hard to hear about and hard to find. Just a word of mouth venue in a great little basement. The team there now, we all work hard, and the mix and the music feels just spot-on, but I feel like touching wood, keeping our fingers crossed because good things don’t always last. Especially in Manchester.