27/10/2007 La Fleche D’Or, Paris

First of a regular series of evenings at La Fleche D’Or (102 Bis rue de Bagnolet 75020 Paris). It’s a great idea; get me over to Paris (that’s a good idea in itself, but there’s more…), with one or usually two young bands based in Manchester. I DJ alongside Hardrock Striker from midnight, but before then, in the earlier part of the evening, the bands play.

Modernaire and Shmoo played this first one and it was a storming success. The club is great anyway, free to get in and attracting hundreds of relaxed, dancey young Frenchies. They’re very into their music and open-minded. It was packed for the bands and it stayed packed. In fact, I think there were more people there than at all the Modernaire gigs I’ve been to in Manchester put together! Shmoo have a new singer and Dave from the band has a new vocoder and their songwriting is full of potential

The crowd liked my tunes, they were dancing all over the stage and falling over and pogo-ing in a very messy style. This ‘soiree Indie Rock Electro House’ was just a little bit magnifique…