Manchester, England review

Haslam is a class ‘A’ writer

The Hacienda, Shelagh Delaney, Frederich Engels, The Stone Roses, Peterloo, Moss Side, The Boardwalk, Ewa MacColl, New Order, George Formby- not names normally associated, but Dave Haslam has brought them together to tell the exhilarating story of Britian’s first industrial city. Manchester, England is a passionate account of the events, places and people that combined to create the popular culture that has thrived in (and spread out) from the city. Groundbreaking artists, thinkers, filmmakers, designers and writers illustrate the colourful history of the place that has been unfairly dubbed the ‘rainy city’. Best of all, Manchester, England is the story of the music created in the city; from Victorian Music Hall, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Northern Soul, Punk, Indie, and the rise and dominance of House. It is the story of the creators- The Smiths, Mike Pickering, Factory Records, influential DJ’s- and the people who were liberated by jazz in 1920’s dancehalls, celebrated club culture at The Hacienda or joined the band on stage at early punk gigs. Dave Haslam tells their story with all the verve and energy of the Mancunians who took off their raincoats and became the ’24 hour party people’. Not content with being a top club DJ, Dave Haslam is a class ‘A’ writer and Manchester, England is an outstanding portrayal of a city and people who are at once exciting, dangerous, rebellious, innovative, angry and hedonistic.