Courtney Love in Liverpool, 1982


‘Searching For Love: Courtney Love in Liverpool, 1982′

Publication date – March 2nd 2020

At the age of 17 – before Hole, before meeting Kurt Cobain – Courtney Love took a trip to Liverpool. She describes the months she spent in the city in 1982 as “one of the most important things [in] my existence.”

In ‘Searching For Love: Courtney Love in Liverpool, 1982’, the third book in his limited edition Art Decades series, Dave Haslam explores the stories she’s told of her stay, talks to many people who remember her (including Robin Barbur, her friend from home who accompanied her on the visit), and, along the way, celebrates the Liverpool music scene that attracted and inspired her, the city then enjoying its brightest period since the heyday of the Beatles.

Courtney says that Liverpool was a great place to learn how to be a rock star. But what do we learn about the young Courtney Love? That her days were filled with cider and LSD; that in Liverpool she lost her virginity while listening to ‘Isolation’ by Joy Division; that she hung out in Café Tabac, and Probe Records; wrote songs about porridge; feuded with Pete Burns; and drank Grand Marnier all the way to Manchester.

There isn’t a story more unmistakably sex, drugs and rock & roll than Haslam’s story of Courtney Love in Liverpool, but it’s also about youth – in all its (sometimes gruesome) glory – and memory, self-mythology, and an intriguing, inspiring episode in the life of a music icon.


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